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Buder Center Publications

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Fish, J., Livingston, J.A., VanZile-Tamsen, C., & Patterson, D.A. (In press). Victimization and substance use among Native American college students. Journal of College Student Development.

Patterson, D.A., Perkins, J.D., VanZile-Tamsen, C., & Butler-Barnes, S.T. (In press). Impact of violence and partner violence on the grades of American Indian/Alaska Native undergraduate college students. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Sisson, K. (2017). Native Leaders Advocating for Change. The American Indian Graduate, Spring, 18-19.  


Schuermann, C., Tovar, M., & Patterson, D.A. (2016). A Future of Native Students: From Victimization to Value to Victory, in William F. Tate, Nancy Staudt, Ashley Macrander (ed.) The Crisis of Race in Higher Education: A Day of Discovery and Dialogue (Diversity in Higher Education, Volume 19) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.217 – 234.

Tovar, M., (2016). The Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies. Missouri Humanities Council 2016 Year in Review.

Tovar, M., (2016). Access, Culture, and Resilience at a School of Social Work. Emerald Series: Advances in Race and Ethnicity in Education. Washington University in St. Louis. (under review)

Patterson, D.A., Tovar, M., Thompson, K., Ishcomer, J., Kreuter, M., Caburnay, C., & Lai, C. (2016). Speaking out about physical harms from tobacco use: Response to graphic warning labels among American Indian/Alaska Native communities. BMJ Open 2016; 6:3.

John, R., Williams, C. (2016). Preparing Emerging Social Work Professionals for Competent Practice in American Indian Country. The American Indian Graduate, Fall, 40, 45.  

Posey, A. (2016). The Detrimental Effects of Courts Defining American Indian Families. The American Indian Graduate, Fall, 8-9, 13.  

Manshack, L. (2016). The Evolution of the American Indian Pow Wow. MO Humanities Magazine, Fall/Winter. 4-6.