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The Buder Scholars Program is a premier graduate degree scholarship program in social work committed to the education of American Indian MSW students. 

Recipients of these scholarships consist of qualified students from reservations, as well as urban and rural Indian communities.  Their undergraduate degrees are in such diverse fields as health, social work, psychology, business, law and education.  Future professional interests include work in social services, education, school social work, community development, tribal law, health, mental health, substance abuse and public policy.  It is the combination of culture, spirituality, education, determination and hard work that makes the Buder Center Scholars ready to contribute to meeting the needs and challenges of Indian Country.

The American Indian and Alaska Native (Al/AN) Concentration is designed to prepare students for advanced social work practice with AI/AN populations. The concentration grounds students in the historical and contemporary issues facing Native populations from a cultural, policy, and practice perspective.